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Siemens Gigaset DE380IP IP telefon
1,400.00 SEK

2-3 dagar leveranstid

The professional solution for IP calls with outstanding sound quality
The Gigaset DE380 IP R is a corded VoIP phone that brings convenience to your every-day business. With its High Definition Sound Performance™, your business calls become a more comfortable experience, no matter how many you have to take. And if you need to continue with other tasks while talking on the phone, you can use the hands-free function and still enjoy the brilliant sound quality, even in a 3-party conference. With the built in router your PC is connected directly to the internet through the Gigaset DE380 IP R. This enables you to easily install and set up your phone – simply by downloading the configuration file support. For your ease-of-use, this corded
VoIP phone features a two-line black and white display with icons, number keys and special function keys. The Gigaset DE380 IP R provides all the security you need for internet calls: its SRTP/TLS encryption makes sure that talking about business details safely remains your business only.

For your advanced professional needs, the Gigaset DE380 IP R is the quality choice.

Experience High Definition Sound Performance™
If your every-day business means talking a lot on the phone, the Gigaset DE380 IP R makes your working life a lot more comfortable. Enjoy the outstanding speech quality thanks to the innovative High Definition Sound Performance™. Using the range of this VoIP phone’s wideband frequency enables you to catch every detail, with an audio sound more like a face-to-face meeting with colleagues and clients. Even if you use the hands-free function of the Gigaset DE380 IP R, which enables you to continue with what you are doing and talk on the phone at the same time, you’ll experience the advantages of HDSP™.

All the security you need
The Gigaset DE380 IP R provides not only the convenience of VoIP calling, but also all the necessary security. The latest SRTP standards for your calls and TLS standards for your data make sure that whatever you and your clients discuss is safely between you only. So, enjoy the freedom of internet calling combined with state-ofthe- art security.

The comfortable all-in-one solution
With the integrated router (PPPoE) of the Gigaset DE380 IP R, you have all the features you need at your fingertips. If you need to access the web while on the phone, you can enjoy the high quality sound of your internet calls while surfing at the same time. You can also download your configuration and provider files, for an easy and comfortable installation of your Gigaset DE380 IP R.

Convenient features to make your business easy
A host of different features of the Gigaset DE380 IP R will make your every-day business easier. Need a small meeting via phone? With the Gigaset DE380 IP R you can have a 3-party-conference. The two-line black and white display with icons makes it simple to operate your VoIP phone. In order to effortlessly reach anyone you want to talk to, just use the number keys or the special function keys. You can store up to 200 entries in the phonebook, so you have a lot of space for all your clients’ details.

The corded Gigaset DE380 IP R: an outstanding sound experience and
the ultimate in ease-of-use for your every-day business.


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