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Sirrix PCI4S0 ISDN card
6,200.00 SEK
Inc. VAT

In Stock

Sirrix.PCI4S0 is a PCI-based ISDN interface card. It provides 4 BRI (Basic Rate Interface) ports that can be connected directly to both, the public ISDN network as well as to ISDN end-user devices like telephones and fax machines. Sirrix.PCI4S0 is full ISDN combatible and thus, it can be employed for voice applications as well as for data communications.


  • PCI V2.1 Card 175 mm x 102 mm incl. PCI connector + bracket
  • Four S0 ports (BRI)1 x RJ45 port each
  • Programmable gate array(FPGA Altera Acex)
  • LED (D9) for display of FPGA status
  • Freely programmable LED (D11)
  • 32 KByte SRAM as B-channel buffer for software switching with a
    depth of 64, 128, 256 or 512 Byte.
  • Sirrix.PCM bus for B-channel switching in hardware across multiple cards
    (bandwidth 12,288 MBit = 192 B-channels)
  • Conference room for three parties (3PTY) in A-law / µ-Law codec with a data
    delay of only one frame (125 µsec)
  • Retrievable serial number
  • Transparent encryption with low delay of B-channels with an arbitrary block cipher in the
    operation modes OFB, CFB, CTR or with another arbitrary stream cipher (cf. Sirrix.Crypt datasheet).


  • S0 ports (BRI)Infineon PSB21150 ISAC-X V1.4
  • Each S0 port is configurable in NT or TE mode independently.
  • 100 Ohms terminating resistors
  • S0 power supply (POWER12, POWER34; 40 V power supply Sirrix.PS40V-A at POWER-40V);
    current-limiter to 0,1 A (4 W) per port onboard (ETSI EN 300 012-1)
  • One LED for each S0 port for display of the Layer 1 activation state(LEDs D12 + D13)


  • Comprehensive implementation of the DSS1 ISDN stack
  • Layer 1: Hardware with kernel module(ITU-T I.430 / ETSI EN 300 012-1)
  • Layer 2 and 3: in user space(ITU-T Q.920, Q.921, Q.930, Q.931, Q.932,
    Q. 850 / ETSI EN 300 012, ETS 300 125, ETS 300 102, EN 300 196)
  • NT and TE mode in PtP and PtMP configuration
  • Arbitrary number of Layer 2 und 3 instances
  • ISDN numbers with arbitrary length, with or without direct dialling in
    (MSN + DDI, ITU-T Q.951.1, Q.951.2, ETSI EN 300 064-1, EN 300 052-1)
  • Display of calling party number (CLIP)(ITU-T Q.951.3, ETSI EN 300 092-1)
  • CallerID name can be transmitted by Display Information Element
  • Suppression of display of calling party number (CLIR), from telephone
    menu (ITU-T Q.951.4, ETSI EN 300 093-1)
  • Connected Party Number (COLP)(ITU-T Q.951.5, ETSI EN 300 097-1)
  • Call forward (CFU, CFNR, CFB, facility protocol), from telephone
    menu (ITU-T Q.952, ETSI EN 300 207-1)
  • Hold and call selection (HOLD)(ITU-T Q.953.2, ETSI EN 300 196-1)
  • Call transfer (ECT)(ITU-T Q.952.7, ETSI EN 300 369-1)
  • CallWaiting (CW)(ITU-T Q.953.1, ETSI EN 300 058-1)
  • Three party conference (3PTY) from telephone menu (ITU-T Q.954.2, ETSI EN 300 188-1)
  • Advice of charge (AOCD) in units or currency(ITU-T Q.956.2, ETSI EN 300 188-1)

Additional Features

  • Notify Information Element e. g. during HOLD or 3PTY
  • Redirection Party Number Information Element
  • Echo Cancellation (with software switching, e. g. for VoIP)


  • Software based PBX systems (e. g. Asterisk)
  • ISDN crypto gateways
  • VoIP gateway to the public telephone network or VoIP Gateway for internal extensions; channel banks
  • Least Cost Router for VoIP or CbC


  • Sirrix.PCM-Bus supports up to 12 PCI-cards with 96 B-channels in each system
  • By interlinking multiple systems, a virtually arbitrary amount of extensions can be served.
  • The connection to the public net can be achieved by an arbitrary number of S0- or S2M-ports.

System Requirements


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